5 Tips for Stall Cleaning

Horse stall mucking

5 Tips for Stall Cleaning: Efficiency and Effectiveness Mucking stalls is not the most glamorous part of the equine environment but it is a necessary one.  The health and performance of your horse depends on your ability to keep them clean, active, and happy.  Here are 5 tips on keeping your stalls clean and non-hazardous […]

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Breeding Shed to Winners Circle

Mt. Airy Rubber Pavers

Breeding Shed to Winners Circle: A Look at Rubber Pavers Rubber Pavers are an aesthetically pleasing, durable, slip resistant surface that works great in barn isles and walkways.  But there are a lot of alternatives out there purposed for equine, so what makes Abacus Rubber pavers so good?  There are many factors but we will […]

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What Factors Contribute to a Slippery Floor?

Floor cleaning

What Factors Contribute to a Slippery Floor? 1. Presence of Dust or Grit If a floor is not properly dust mopped or swept, the residual dust can provide a barrier between the floor and shoe. Unfortunately, the dust moves under foot traffic. In a sports environment, the presence of dust is a serious problem because […]

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Looking for Outdoor Playground/Patio Surfaces?

Rooftop Patio

Why Should I choose PlayFALL® for my Playground/Patio Surfaces? Looking for a new cushioned patio or playground surface? PlayFALL® rubber safety tiles provide the ultimate surface with play and safety in mind. These playground/patio surfaces make sure you have the best protection for your playground surface for when any fall happens. With ranges in different fall heights […]

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