4 Summer Weight Loss Tips

4 Summer Weight Loss Tips

That time of year is upon us again: the beginning of summer. Whether you're a beach person who loves the sun and sand, or someone who loves camping or visiting the mountains, you might feel the same way that a lot of people do when the summer rolls around. Many of us want to lose weight to look good for the summer months. 

There are a lot of conflicting views on what way is the best way to lose weight. Some say that diet and cutting calories is more important, others say that daily exercise is the real secret. We don't pretend to be exercise science experts here at Abacus, but we've worked closely with the fitness industry for over 25 years and have learned a thing or two. 

Here are 4 tips to help you chase your weight loss goals this summer: 

1. Find a Physical Activity You Enjoy

Working out feels tedious and monotonous to many. For a lot of us, it's "work" (it's even right there in the name). A great way to lose weight without the feeling of obligation and responsibility is to find a physical activity you really enjoy, and doing that. Even if it's only once or twice a week, it's great to get your body moving while also having fun. Find a local club or league to play in for whatever sport you like. Most of the time, it won't even feel like you're "working out." 

2. Dieting is Important

Pretty much any study you read will tell you that it will be difficult to reach your weight loss goals with just exercise alone. Most experts recommend dieting or calorie cutting along with exercise in order to reach your maximum weight loss potential. While it may be debated which method is more effective, the best way is to use them hand-in-hand. 

3. Try to Reach a Daily Step Goal

Set a daily goal for the amount of steps you want to walk or run throughout the day. Some activity is better than no activity, and there are many ways to reach a step goal. You could walk the dog, go for a walk with friends, walk to go shopping or to a friend's house instead of driving, etc. The list goes on and on. You can even start with a lower step goal and work your way up as the weeks go by. 

4. Set Up a Workout Area in Your Home

For some of us, a lot of the battle is actually getting up and going to the gym. That step can be eliminated by setting up an area in your house specifically for exercising. If you have extra space in your basement, an extra room, or even a bedroom that your kid just moved out of, you can transform an area into the ultimate home gym. Abacus can easily help you with this step. Our home gym kits are easy to put together and specifically designed for home use. The rubber tiles will protect your floor from dropped weights and provide cushion for whatever workout you're doing at the time. 

There are many more ways to lose weight and look how you want this summer, but these four can certainly get you started on a journey to success. 

For more exercise flooring information, check out our Fitness Rubber Flooring info page. Abacus can help you look and feel your best, for this summer and beyond. 

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