Looking for Outdoor Playground/Patio Surfaces?

Looking for Outdoor Playground/Patio Surfaces?

Why Should I choose PlayFALL® for my Playground/Patio Surfaces?

Looking for a new cushioned patio or playground surface? PlayFALL® rubber safety tiles provide the ultimate surface with play and safety in mind. These playground/patio surfaces make sure you have the best protection for your playground surface for when any fall happens. With ranges in different fall heights from 4 feet to 14 feet high off the ground, you can feel safe knowing PlayFALL®rubber safety tiles make your playground a safe area to be a kid!

Other uses for PlayFall® rubber safety tiles include patio and porch surfacing. Since the tiles feature a porous surface to enhance easy drainage, you don’t need to worry about water staying on top of your patio after some rain has fallen. Since these tiles have little maintenance, you can count on having a durable product without the hassle of constant repairs!

So next time you are in the market for new playground/patio surfaces, look for PlayFALL®rubber safety tiles. These tiles will not only insure safety at your playground, but it will transform your patio into a cool new hangout for everyone to enjoy while minimizing maintenance and sustaining your investment in safety. Call Abacus Surfaces, Inc at (717)-560-8050 for any questions regarding any of our products.

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