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Waking Up Successful; 3 Reasons to Wake Up Early

Waking Up Successful; 3 Reasons to Wake Up Early

Reason #1: Early Bird, Gets the Worm

Did you know that there are mental and physical benefits to being an early bird? The phrase “Early Bird, Gets the Worm” insinuates that whoever arrives first has a larger chance of being successful. Although this is true, there are many other reasons a person can benefit from waking up early. A combination of physical and mental benefits stem from getting your body up and moving. Below are some reasons why waking up early can give you the head start needed, to be the best you can be.

Reason #2: Promotes a Healthier Diet

Most people know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Eating in the morning fuels your body for the day to come, but the problem is most people don’t eat a proper meal! Most blame not eating breakfast on “Not having enough time”, which can be eliminated by waking up earlier. Early risers are proven to have healthier eating habits because of the ability to actually eat in the morning, and properly portion other meals throughout the day. According to WebMD, eating up to three solid meals a day with snacks in between can reduce a person’s weight! Not because of a metabolism change, but because of the lack of hunger. Logically, the longer you wait between meals the hungrier you get. So, by waking up early and eating breakfast, eliminates the possibility of skipping your morning meal and forcing yourself to wait till lunch to eat. Which is never good!

Reason #3: Peace of Mind

The definition of “waking up early” changes depending on a person’s everyday schedule. If you have kids or animals, it is hard to enjoy the morning when you wake up late and have to rush. Getting up before the kids allows time with no noise and a calm atmosphere to gather thoughts and prepare for the day. Alone time is good for a person. Time with your thoughts can develop new ideas or routines that help enhance your every day schedule, otherwise lost to being late and rushing.

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  • Tommy Ellison
    Tommy Ellison

    Good stuff! Eat a plant-based diet will only accentuate weight loss.

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