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Aktiv Rubber Rolls

Aktiv Rubber Rolls

True to the Regupol name, Aktiv goes well beyond “fitness for purpose,” providing maximum comfort underfoot and a high level of shock absorption in the spinning room, the iron den, and every space in between.

Rubber Flooring for Fitness Purposes

From the selectorized area, to the spinning room, to the “iron den” – and virtually every space in between – Regupol Aktiv goes well beyond “fitness for purpose”! That’s because we carry the inventor’s advanced manufacturing process that makes Regupol Aktiv flooring extremely dense, resilient and wear resistant. All that toughness and durability comes with exceptional good looks and color combinations that make facilities as attractive as they are functional.

High Performance on Floors

Regupol has been synonymous with performance since BSW invented the rubber flooring system. It began in the BSW lab with years of polymer recycling research that enabled them to innovate a material with superior density and resilience. A material processed from recycled tires that, since its invention, has blanketed thousands of miles of fitness facility floor worldwide.

All those miles of Regupol Aktiv have been manufactured using the latest state-of-the-science equipment, the cleanest raw materials, and the most consistent color infusion. As a result, all those facilities received the benefit of Regupol Aktiv performance.

Performance, measured in RESILIENCE.

Clean, jerk, drop, repeat – over and over and over. That’s just one of the toughness and resiliency tests we put Regupol Aktiv through to ensure that it endures whatever abuse the most intense athletes and fitness fanatics can dish out. Regupol Aktiv takes the impact of dropped heavy metal and intense workouts without so much as a flinch, time after time.

Performance, measured in MILES.

Regupol Aktiv’s durability has been pushed to the limits in cardio areas, spinning rooms, entryways, corridors, warm-up areas, locker rooms – any area that’s on the receiving end of miles and miles of grinding athletic movements and heavy foot traffic. And it always rises to the challenge.

Performance, measured in INJURY REDUCTION.

The unique polymeric composition of Regupol Aktiv provides maximum comfort underfoot. It’s a firm yet resilient surface that’s easy on the feet when walking or standing for long periods. Most important, its resiliency absorbs the shock of training impact, reducing the potential for stress and injury to athletes’ bones, joints, ligaments and tendons. It’s slip resistant, wet or dry.

Performance, measured in DECIBELS AND LUMENS.

Regupol developers looked beyond comfort underfoot to enhancing comfort all around. In addition to being shock absorbent, Regupol Aktiv is also sound absorbent and non-reflective, for a quieter environment with more pleasant lighting conditions.

Performance, measured in ANY VENUE.

Although specifically created for fitness facilities, Regupol Aktiv’s proven performance has made it the flooring of choice in ice arenas, stadiums, ski resorts, golf facilities, swimming pools, bowling centers – most any venue where Regupol Aktiv’s properties of toughness, resilience, safety and durability make logical sense.

Performance, measured in ENVIRONMENTAL FITNESS.

The very nature of Regupol America products makes them an environmentally responsible choice. The tires that would otherwise end up in landfills are put to very productive use. Regupol Aktiv is composed of up to 100% post-consumer tire rubber and post-industrial EPDM rubber. The manufacturing process exceeds the strictest environmental standards. All this, of course, means using Regupol Aktiv can qualify your facility for LEED credits.


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