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Residential Flooring

Residential Flooring

Abacus Surfaces, Inc. provides a variety of high-quality residential flooring options. Among these products are POWERStock fitness flooring, PlayFALL rubber tiles, interlocking rubber pavers, and GrassTex turf systems.

Fitness Flooring

VMI Weightlifting Room (4)

POWERStock fitness flooring is a rubber surface perfect for in-home gyms. POWERStock comes in LOK, Roll, and Pro Tile versions. All of these versions are suitable for workout machines and weightlifting, while the Pro Tile version is the preferred thickness for heavyweight drop zones. Additionally, POWERStock surfaces are a great alternative to concrete or carpeting for the basement, due to their water-resistance and cushioning qualities. 

POWERStock Combo is another strong surface from the POWERStock family. Combo is the name for the POWERStock line of indoor/outdoor track surfaces. Combo is made from a base cushioning layer with a dense layer of compressed recycled rubber on top. This construction creates high traction for athletes and allows the system to hold up against tough wear and tear. Learn more about POWERStock products here.

Rubber Tiles

PlayFALL rubber tiles installed beneath a jungle gym for added safety protection.

From North West Rubber comes PlayFALL rubber tiles. Designed to reduce playground injuries, PlayFALL tiles are extremely cushioned underfoot and slip-resistant. No wonder schools have been choosing PlayFALL products to protect their students!

Popular at-home uses for PlayFALL tiles include backyard playgrounds, patios, balconies, and rooftop surfaces. PlayFALL tiles do not contain any plastic elements that could break or crumble over time. Instead, PlayFALL tiles are composed of 100% high-quality recycled rubber, creating a final product that is both soft and durable. Plus, these tiles are water permeable, allowing for easy water drainage and eliminating bacterial buildup. To learn more about PlayFALL tiles' easy installation system and to view color options, click here.

Interlocking Pavers

Red interlocking rubber pavers installed on a winding driveway.

Interlocking pavers are the ideal material for heavy-duty driveways. The image shown above is from a California installation project. This winding driveway leads to a polo field and was installed so that the horses could safely enter and exit the trailers that drove them to the field. 

These same pavers have been used in patios, barns, and some of the most prestigious equine racetracks in the country. They come in an interlocking "dog bone" shape and are available in two different thicknesses to suit your needs. Constructed through a high-heat process called vulcanization, the rubber components of these pavers are chemically bonded together, resulting in a product that is strong enough to drive trucks and tractors over! Continue reading about these highly durable pavers here.

Turf Surfaces

Turf installed between a stone wall and a driveway in a client's front yard.

Turf can be used for many different applications, ranging from recreational to athletic uses. Whether you are looking to reinvent your backyard, or want a high-performance turf for sport training, our GrassTex products offer a long-lasting surface you can count on.

GrassTex offers landscape products specifically designed to resemble natural grass for those of us seeking a low-maintenance outdoor space. With synthetic turf, cleaning is easy, and pets love it, too! Pet owners often install turf in their yards to eliminate any bare patches of grass that may result from animals. Other common home applications for synthetic turf include under playsets and on usable rooftops. Learn about using turf for home use here.

GrassTex provides excellent products for athletic training, as well. The athletic turf systems from GrassTex feature the longest-lasting fiber on the market, leading to durable surfaces that perform consistently well over time. Adding strips of athletic turf for agility or sports training is a great way to transform your space into a multipurpose training facility.

Beyond basic training and agility functions, GrassTex offers turf surfaces geared toward individual sports. For instance, the Bermuda Turf is perfect for golf and miniature golf courses and putting greens. Longer fibers such as those in the Arena Pro and V-Max Turf are designed for the dynamic movements of sports like baseball, football, and soccer. Learn more about these turf systems here.