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Abacus Surfaces, Inc. provides rubber flooring surface (equine and exercise/multipurpose weight room flooring), rubber pavers, rubber tiles, and rubber mats throughout North America. Our customers can get rubber flooring delivered right to their door!

Fitness Flooring is a specialty at Abacus Surfaces due to the thousands of square feet we can supply for your athletic facility. We are able to offer the everyday consumer superior quality at a great price!

Our Seamless Equine Flooring can be used in Breeding Barns, Veterinary Clinics and Zoos. Many horse breeders and zoo owners chose this product because it leads the industry in bio-security and durability.

Each year hundreds of children are injured falling off slides and playground equipment. We carry rubber playground tiles that are soft and durable. So if your child falls, the tiles can help keep them safe. Abacus Surfaces is committed to the safety, comfort, and health of all our users which is why we take pride in the work we do.

Animal Flooring


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Seamless Equine Flooring is used in Breeding Barns, Veterinary Clinics and Zoos and it leads the industry in biosecurity and durability. The Regupol rubber pavers are manufactured by Regupol America, an expert manufacturer in rubber flooring. Their products can befound in the leading race tracks and thoroughbred farms across the United States. They offer a great complement to our seamless flooring system.


The stall mats are manufactured by Humane, one of the oldest rubber manufacturing companies in the United States. Their stall always carries a positive rating with a 12 year warranty.
Animal Flooring Product Details


Playground Surfacing/Roof Top Flooring


Each year there are a numerous amount of children falling off of playground equipment and causing injury. We carry a variety of different rubber playground tiles that are soft, durable and can help keep your kids safe. Abacus Surfaces is committed to the safety, comfort, and health of all our product users. Our playground tiles provide reliable fall heights of 6 and 8 feet and are designed to meet criteria under the LEED Green Building System. The raised stilt design for water drainage makes them an excellent choice for playgrounds, rooftop applications, and patio/pool areas. These tiles are also slip resistant and will not crack. They are able to hold their color because they are not affected by UV light.


Playground Surfacing/Roof Top Product Details


Fitness Flooring


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Looking for the right flooring for your personal gym? Abacus Surfaces carries the rubber flooring you need to take your fitness center to the next level.  With various thicknesses and durability, our fitness flooring can transform your facility. Our products provide the ultimate safety needed for your athlete’s joints, tendons, and ligaments by absorbing the shock on impact. The durability of our rubber floors were built to withstand the toughest abuse. Some of the fitness flooring products we offer are: POWERStock, Humane Rubber Mats, Regupol Aktiv, Regupol AktivPro, Regupol AktivLok, and Regupol Kombi.


Fitness Flooring Product Details


Turf Surfacing


Agility/Sports Training Course
Turf can be used for many different types of applications. We provide turf surfacing for any of your needs. Whether you are looking to reinvent your backyard with our landscape products that are specifically designed to resemble natural grass, or you are looking for a high performance athletic turf for sport training, our GrassTex products will offer you a long lasting surface that you can count on. 


Turf Surfacing Product Details