Kombi Indoor & Outdoor Surface

Regupol Kombi Indoor & Outdoor Track Surface

Regupol, the inventor of recycled gummi polymer products, created the perfect multipurpose combination surface.

Revolutionizing How the World Plays and Trains.

Over 40 years ago, German company, BSW, put a new spin on tires – a sports spin. They invented the technology to recycle tires into rubber multipurpose sports surfaces. It was German engineering, innovation, precision and performance that changed indoor athletic games and training worldwide. BSW scientists called it Recycled Gummi Polymer. But for decades, the sports and fitness world has called it by the acronym synonymous with performance – Regupol®!

Work with the inventor and get four decades of experience and expertise. Manufacturing to the highest quality and environmental standards. A product that’s been refined, tested and retested for precision performance. And customer service provided with the beaming pride of an inventor.

Precision Performance for Sports and Training.

Kombi multipurpose sports surfaces are the perfect solution for facilities that host demanding ball sports, running and training. Kombi is manufactured using a proprietary process that ensures consistent density, thickness, and resilience – for uniform ball rebound, shock absorption, and elasticity.

Performance, measured in PERFECT COMBINATION.

"Kombi" comes from the German word for "combination." Developed for multipurpose game courts and sports training applications, Kombi has a cushioning base layer combined with a tough wear layer of highly compressed EPDM rubber. Our proprietary formulation and production process yield precise density and thickness consistencies that stand alone in sports surfacing.

Performance, measured in PRECISION THICKNESS.

Regupol Kombi is offered in the ideal thickness of 8mm, combining a 5mm cushioning sub-layer with a 3mm wear layer (custom thicknesses are available upon request). Precision manufacturing ensures that the entire span of your indoor tennis court, volleyball court, running track or sports performance training facility is uniform.

Performance, measured in ABRASION RESISTANCE and DURABILITY.

The manufacture of Regupol Kombi is quality controlled from start to finish to ensure lasting performance, even under the most demanding sports and training conditions and constant use. It’s also weather resistant, UV stable – even spike resistant!

Performance, measured in HOURS and DOLLARS.

Regupol Kombi excels on the bottom line, as well. Installation of  Regupol Kombi is a snap. It rolls out over concrete sub-surfaces quickly and is easily adhesive bonded to the substrate. That means significant savings in terms of installation time and monetary expense.

Performance, measured in ENVIRONMENTAL FITNESS.

Regupol America products are an environmentally responsible choice. Kombi is composed of up to 100% post-consumer tire rubber and post-industrial EPDM rubber. Our manufacturing process exceeds the strictest environmental standards. Using Regupol Kombi can qualify your facility for LEED credits.

Performance, measured in BETTER ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE.

Regupol Kombi’s unique composition gives athletes a performance advantage. Its firm yet resilient surface is easy on the feet when running, moving laterally, walking or standing for long periods. Its high level of elasticity and shock absorption reduces the potential for stress and injury to athletes’ bones, joints, ligaments and tendons. And it’s slip resistant, wet or dry.

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