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4 Steps to Building a Home Workout Area

Mar 24, 2020

How Can I Work Out at Home? - A 4-Step Guide

With gyms closing their doors due to COVID-19 concerns, now is a perfect time to learn how to workout at home. Staying active while stuck indoors will get your mind off things, help you avoid boredom, and even lift your spirits. So, let’s talk about how we can start a workout routine from the safety of our homes.  

#1: What do I need to work out at home?

No matter what exercise you choose, these are the things you will absolutely need for your at-home workout: 

What space should I pick to work out in? 

  • Pick an area of your house that you can dedicate to working out. We recommend either a basement, garage, or an outdoor space for sunny days. Sticking to your spot will create a sense of normalcy for your new routine. 

A Positive Attitude for Home Workouts

  • Change can be hard, but having a positive outlook makes the transition much smoother. We can't completely replicate your beloved gym, but we can find other ways to enjoy exercise and, with the right attitude, have fun despite the adjustment. 

Fitness Flooring for Home 

  • Gyms and fitness centers around the world use dense rubber flooring because of its unmatched safety and durability features. While you work out in your private residences, we want to ensure all of you stay safe. For inspiration, look at what flooring is used in college and pro sports facilities.  

  • These floors are available for in-home use. Protect your original floor from dropped weights and heavy equipment and provide maximum cushioning for your joints. Take a look and see which option is for you, here. 

    #2: Choose the Right At-Home Workouts for You

    What exercises can I do at home?

    • Many of the exercises we perform in gyms can be easily transferred to a home setting. For instance, dumbbell exercises are wonderful in-home activities because they don’t require expensive equipment or a lot of space. Training with resistance bands is another space-saving solution. 

    What can I use instead of weights? 

    • Don’t have any weights? Don’t worry! Gallons of milk, rice bags, canned goods, and even sacks of potatoes will do the trick in a pinch. Just make sure whatever you’re lifting has a handle or easy-to-grip surface. Also, please practice proper lifting techniques when using household objects as weights 

    What exercises can I do if I don’t have weights? 

    • If you do not have any suitable items, bodyweight exercises, like squats and mountain climbers, make great choices, too! 

      #3: What are good outdoor exercises?

      How can work out outside? 

      • Even though businesses are closed, nature (thankfully) remains available to us! If you’re looking for a fun cardio workout, consider going for a run around the block or visiting a park for some much-needed fresh air.
      • Playing a game of catch with your children or throwing the Frisbee for your dog are other ways to get your heart pumping.  
      • Alternatively, consider my favorite activity: yoga. On nice days, my sister and I practice on yoga mats on the deck or, during rainy days, we bring it inside to a rubber floor installed in our basement. 

        #4: Can I buy rubber flooring now?

        Is all rubber flooring the same?

          • Not all rubber flooring is created equal.  Some have plastics or other fillers, which could crack and damage your sub-base. Choosing 100% rubber floors is the safest solution. 
          • Some rubber flooring is shipped from overseas, which can make it hard to get. Given the current pandemic, this may be the case for the foreseeable future. 

          Where can I get rubber flooring?

          • There are fantastic American manufacturers that produce 100% recycled rubber products. These businesses are listed in the “critical infrastructure” category by the U.S. government, so they are still operating.  Regupol is open now and their product line is available. 
          • Sethe products we can deliver to you quickly. Our most popular line, POWERStock, is available now. 


          There’s much stress and uncertainty about our world, but we know exercise is one surefire way to release those negative feelings. By assembling the necessary tools, selecting the best workouts, and exploring our outdoor spaces, we can adjust to working out at home in no time. 


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