AktivPro Tiles

AktivPro Tiles installed in a weight room at Temple University.

Revolutionizing the concept of modularity for sports & fitness.

Over 40 years ago, German company BSW put a new spin on tires – a sports and fitness spin. BSW invented the technology to recycle tires into rubber flooring that forever changed the fitness world. Today, working with Regupol America gets you much more than recycled rubber sports and fitness surfaces. Because we’ve been working with the technology since day one, you benefit from four decades of experience and expertise that only the inventor can offer. That means the right information, advice and answers, right when you need them. And a high-end product that’s been refined, tested and retested over the years by our R&D team to provide advanced athletic performance. It’s all accomplished with manufacturing to the highest quality standards, according to the strictest environmental requirements.

Precision Modular Tiles for Precision Performance

The inventor of recycled rubber flooring has unleashed a whole new monster – AktivPro, a 1” x 24” x 24” modular tile. This composite product consists of a 100% post-consumer recycled tire rubber (SBR) backing followed by a proprietary inner layer for extra stability and durability. These layers are topped with a pre-manufactured SBR wearlayer with EPDM added for design and color. Tiles fit together with an interlocking dowel tile system, prefabricated to ensure factory precision. This tough design brings the ultimate in durability and the ease of modularity to the sports and fitness arena.

Custom colors; Invent your own!

Choose from our wide range of standard colors or invent your own. Regupol will combine our own vibrant EPDM color granules to create a custom color that matches your company or school’s brand standards.

Regupol® AktivPro™ Customization Capabilities

Your floor can be an extension of your company, your team or your personal design preferences. Regupol America offers solutions for customizing AktivPro and other products so that your floor plays an active role in the continuity of your brand. Using our precision water-jet cutting, your facility logo, company tagline or inspirational message can be incorporated into your Regupol floor.

Performance, measured in DURABILITY.

AktivPro’s composite structure provides the ultimate durability and unparalleled wear
resistance making it the ideal choice for training the country’s top athletes. With its ability to
withstand the most intense abuse, AktivPro performs well for a range of activities including
heavy weight training for pro sports, colleges and universities, high school sports, military
and general fitness facilities. On top of that, a ten-year warranty ensures AktivPro will be
protecting your athletes and your facility for a long time to come.

Performance, measured in FUNCTIONALITY.

A unique waffle bottom design provides a host of functions. For one, it allows ideal shock
absorption making for a safer athletic surface that’s easier on joints and muscles. For cardio
areas with dozens of machines, unsightly cables are no longer a problem as they can be
safely run and hidden beneath the tile.

Performance, measured in BRILLIANT COLOR.

AktivPro’s beauty is in its brilliant color and cushioned comfort, offering a safe, secure
and always attractive solution for tough environments. A range of 19 standard colors are
available with options for custom color and logos, meaning AktivPro can be your workhorse
athletic surface while complimenting the aesthetics of your facility.

Performance, measured SUSTAINABILITY.

We’re green, but you don’t have to take our word for it. Regupol America has earned
GreenCircle Certification, a third-party certification of sustainable aspects of products and
manufacturing operations. GreenCircle evaluates and verifies the information provided by the
manufacturer and that the manufacturer is capable of and consistently produces a product
that is in compliance with their sustainability claim. Also, Regupol products can qualify for LEED points.


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