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Animal Flooring

Animal Flooring

Animal flooring

Animal Flooring is used in Breeding Barns, Veterinary Clinics, Equine Facilites and Zoos. It is an industry leader in safety and durability. Regupol America manufactures the Regupol rubber pavers. They are used in the leading race tracks and thoroughbred farms. They are a great accompaniment to the seamless flooring system. The stall mats are manufactured by Humane, one of the oldest rubber manufacturing companies in the United States. Their stall mats are rated extremely high with a 12 year warranty. It complements our high end list of flooring products for animals.

Abacus Surfaces Inc. is committed to the safety, comfort and health for all users; animal and people. We provide the best rubberized, modular, and interlocking footing products available. Please call us at 800-821-4557 or contact us for information.


Animal Flooring Products

Seamless Animal Flooring

Abacus Padenpor™ DLX and Abacus Padenpor™ FDP are top of the line seamless textured rubber equine systems. These animal flooring and wall systems were originally designed for thoroughbreds, sport and performance horses. It’s use has expanded to dog fitness areas and other areas where the safety and importance of your animal is stressed.

Let Abacus Sports install your special animal flooring. We have installed for some of the best thoroughbreds in the sport including equines at the University of Pennsylvania, the University of Tennessee, and many high end private breeding facilities. Choose "Buy Now" to contact Abacus Sports for a quote, or select "Product Details" to learn more about the performance and safety features of Padenpor™.

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Humane Rubber Stall mats are guaranteed for 12 years. Humane rubber mats do not curl up and cause you to hit the edge every time you muck out your stalls. When the rubber mats are installed correctly there are no gaps for debris to get in and to start the unraveling process many other mats have. Why buy inferior products? Humane has been around for decades.

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Rubber pavers with 100% recycled rubber. Our Regupol interlocking rubber pavers provide long-lasting safety and comfort in many different equine and residential applications… Regupol interlocking rubber pavers are most frequently used in winner’s circles, wash bays, breeding sheds, horse paths and sale venues. Rubber pavers are shock-absorbing, slip resistant pavers and also give decorative dimension and color to driveways, walking paths and patios. These interlocking pavers also come in a split version. Split pavers have 1/2 the thickness of the regular interlocking pavers.

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