Regupol Rubber Flooring

Regupol's Story:

Regupol has an eventful, rich history in the sports flooring world. Its over-65-year rise to international prestige is highlighted by consistent, groundbreaking contributions to flooring technology.

To this day, Regupol drives progress in weight room flooring, running track construction, sound-canceling underlayments, and cushioned turf underlayments. Their results speak for themselves, and we're proud to offer you their revolutionary flooring for your home or facility. 

Regupol is a GreenCircle Certified® company. They're the first company in Pennsylvania to earn this certification. We take great pride in knowing the quality of the products we provide not only perform reliably, but are gentle to the environment and our planet as well.

Regupol's Gym Floor Products:

Regupol Aktiv:

Aktiv flooring goes the extra mile when it comes to fitness and weight training. Invented and engineered to accommodate every gym and fitness center activity, it combines shock absorption with slip resistance to create the safest gym floor possible. 

Aktiv is manufactured in flooring rolls that are 4' wide by 50' long. Covering 200 square feet at time makes installation in larger facilities a breeze. For smaller spaces, the rolls can be cut to fit virtually any surface area. 

Regupol AktivLok:

AktivLok rubber tiles are the ultimate option for smaller spaces. The tiles interlock together seamlessly and installation is simple, quick, and easy. Use a combination of corner, border, and center tiles to cover any space in your home or facility. 

AktivLok tiles are 2' by 2' and us puzzle piece edges to interlock together (view photo above). 

Regupol AktivPro:

AktivPro tiles are the heavy-duty relative to AktivLok tiles. With a thickness of 1", AktivPro takes a constant beating while resisting damage and protecting your subfloor. 

These tiles are built for extremely heavy, Olympic-style lifts. AktivPro is used in NCAA football and NFL weight rooms across the US, so it's trusted by the pros to handle even their toughest workouts.