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Flooring Questions

Flooring Questions

1. What sub-base do you need?

That depends on which product you are installing. The better the sub-base the better the final project. A flat smooth surface is key. Most sub-bases are concrete or a fine aggregate of asphalt. Please contact us for specifics. Some of our pavers and tiles are able to be installed on a 2A modified stone base.

2. What states do your serve?

We cover the entire continental United States. If we are unable to supply in your area we will forward your information (free of charge) to a local company that is better able to help you. You can work directly with them for a quote. We have been in the business for over 25 years and will be able to use our network to find a reputable dealer or contractor in your area.

3. How do I get a quote?

There are many ways to order. You can order online or you can call 1-800-821-4557 and talk to one of our salespeople. If you have more questions you can call or contact us via email  service@abacussurfaces.com

4. Can you do Custom colors?

There are many custom features we can prepare for you. Just give us a call and we can design you perfect color pattern.

5. How long does the flooring last?

Our products have an extremely long duration of use. A warranty is offered on most products.  If you have any questions about warranty please contact us.

6. How long do I have to wait until the product is available?

There is a lead time with each product. Our typical lead time is 7 days for AktivLok and 4 weeks for AktivPro Tiles. The pavers also have a long lead time, depending on the order it can be up to 3 months. If everything is in stock that you have ordered there can be a quick turnaround.

7. How much does it cost to ship?

Shipping varies by weight, shipping destination and type of receiving establishment. There is a surcharge for lift-gate trucks, residential, construction and farm deliveries. Rubber is a very heavy product and the shipping costs can be very high.

8. How do I keep my floor clean?

Maintenance is easy for all our products. A neutral PH cleaner (7-9) such as our Hillyard Products can be used.  For specific product maintenance guides, please contact us.

9.  Will oil affect my rubber products?

Oil will damage the mats. There are sealants which could protect them.

10.  Can we put a logo on the mats?

Only Regupol Aktiv products can have logos added.  Please contact us directly for pricing.

10.  What is the largest Humane mat you sell?

The largest mat Humane molds is 4’ x 8’.

11. What Factors Contribute to a Slippery Floor?

Presence of Dust or Grit

If a floor is not properly dust mopped or swept, the residual dust can provide a barrier between the floor and shoe. Unfortunately, the dust moves under foot traffic. In a sports environment, the presence of dust is a serious problem because these activities are more intense and forceful than normal foot traffic. Thus, poor dry soil removal will create a slippery floor faster than on a typical floor. Needless to say, this phenomenon makes it imperative that these floors have a frequent and effective dust control program.

a. Effective Dust Control Program

1. Entrance Matting – It is important to have effective matting placed at each of the entrances onto your sports floors. This measure will prevent some of the dry soil that could enter onto the floor. Preventative maintenance is usually the most cost effective measure to a cleaning maintenance program.
2. Frequent Dust Mopping – Daily dust mopping is critical to removing the dry grit and dust that is on the floor. It is preferred that a treated dust mop is used because the dust mop treatment will improve the effectiveness of the dust mopping process. If traffic is heavy, it may be necessary to dust mop the floor more than daily.
3. Check Vents and HVAC Systems – In rare situations, dust can come from the vent or air handling systems. If the vents or HVAC system cannot be cleaned, the cleaning frequencies need to be increased.
4. Presence of a Film – Whenever moisture is presence, dry soils can become attached soils or films that are not removed by dry methods. It is necessary to use the proper cleaning chemicals and proper cleaning procedures to remove these films from the floors. The presence of any film on a sports floor can create a very slippery environment. Moisture from wet shoes is a common source for films that are present on floors. There are many other sources that can leave a film on a floor. If this film is not properly removed, the floor will remain slippery.

b. Effective Wet Soil Removal

1. Proper Cleaning Chemical – It is important to use a safe yet effective cleaning chemical. A synthetic sports floor should be cleaned with a neutral floor cleaner (7 – 9 pH). At certain times, it may be necessary to use a more aggressive cleaner to remove the soils off the floor. When using a more aggressive cleaner, it is important to rinse the floor so that there is not a chemical residue left on the floor.
2. Use of an Automatic Scrubber – Because most synthetic floors have a high slip coefficient, soil removal can be difficult. The use of an automatic scrubber is a critical piece of equipment because it not only applies the cleaning chemical, but it also agitates the floor, which enhances the performance of the cleaner. It is important to use the least aggressive pad to clean the floor. Usually, white or red pads are usually recommended. Using anything more aggressive than a red pad may damage the floor. After the floor is scrubbed by the pads of the automatic scrubber, it is important that the cleaner is removed completely. Ineffective recovery of a cleaning solution will leave a film on the floor that can leave the floor slippery. It may be a good idea to periodically check the performance of the automatic scrubber. If there are questions about the performance of the automatic scrubber, consult a cleaning equipment service center that can perform the necessary maintenance that will guarantee the best performance of the machine.