Humane Rubber Stall Mats

Support your trusted Equine friend with the right comfort stall mat.  Humane Rubber Stall mats are guaranteed for 12 years. Humane rubber mats do not curl up and cause you to hit the edge every time you muck out your stalls. When the rubber mats are installed correctly there are no gaps for debris to get in and to start the unraveling process many other mats have.  Humane Rubber Stall mats are perfect for your barn in stalls, walkways and aisle-ways. Humane Rubber stalls mats help keep your barn flooring clean.

Interlocking with Warranty

Why buy inferior products? Humane has been around for decades. You will love our Humane mats for longer. When safety and contentment of your valuable pets or livestock are high on your list of priorities and you desire an easy method to keep stalls clean, you can’t afford to be without the benefits of Humane stall mats. Humane mats keep the dust down in your barn or holding area. Change the thickness of your mats to your specific animal’s needs. Mats can be laid down edge to edge in your barn or you can interlock the mats together for a longer lasting and uniform fit.

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