Turf Surfacing

Turf has various applications including landscaping, athletic fields, pet areas, and many more. Advances in technology have allowed for synthetic turf to be an incredible alternative to natural grass. Turf surfacing offers safety, durability, easy installation and maintenance, and even a surface area that resembles that natural grass appearance everyone loves. This high performance system has been manufactured and tested over the past 40+ years in order to accommodate both residential and commercial needs. 
Abacus Surfaces Inc. is committed to the safety, convenience, and health of all athletes, business owners, and home owners. We provide the highest quality turf products on the market to back this up. Please call us at (717) 560-8050 to talk to one of our team members. 

Turf Surfacing Products

Athletic Turf

The athletic turf products we offer from GrassTex are top of the line, designed to hold up against tough conditions. From agility/sport training areas to residential or commercial golf courses, our sports turf will offer the ideal surface for your specific need. For high intensity sports, athletic turf needs to be able to take a beating while also offering a soft surface to assure safety for the players on the field. For other sports such as golf or bocce ball, you want a surface that offers natural ball roll. Here at Abacus we understand the importance of durability, function, and safety. This is why we take pride in offering you top of the line turf products for your sports applications.



Recreational Turf

This is the perfect product for someone who wants a maintenance free backyard, playground, rooftop, pet area and much more. The two most important factors when considering synthetic turf for landscaping/recreational applications are appearance and ease of use. We offer products from GrassTex, a leading manufacturer of synthetic turf. Advances in technology have allowed us to offer you high quality turf that resembles the appearance of a natural grass lawn. If you are looking for a product that maximizes a natural look, we have the perfect products that offer a four color blend to truly replicate the natural grass appeal.