Interlocking Rubber Pavers

Interlocking Rubber Pavers

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Barn and Patio Pavers and Tiles

  Rubber pavers and rubber tiles are durable enough to drive tractors and cars over them.  Regupol paver colors are UV resistant and will withstand freezing and thawing conditions. Maintenance is easy with rubber pavers. Use a broom, leaf blower, vacuum or pressure washer. Rubber pavers and tiles can be laid on various surfaces such as concrete, asphalt and compacted stone dust.

Our pavers are 100% recycled rubber tires. We have no plastic to break or crumble in extreme weather. These pavers have an extremely long life expectancy.

Recycled Rubber Pavers

Rubber pavers are made with 100% recycled rubber. Our Regupol interlocking rubber pavers provide long-lasting safety and comfort in many different equine and residential applications across America. Rubber pavers and rubber tiles are most frequently used in winner’s circles, wash bays, breeding sheds, horse paths and sale venues. Regupol Rubber pavers and tiles are shock-absorbing, slip resistant pavers and also give decorative dimension and color to driveways, walking paths and patios. These rubber pavers are shredded not ground. The rubber pavers are chemically bonded with the stranded rubber fibers weaving together to create a chemical and mechanical bond that is unbeatable.

Paver Installation Available

We can give you instructions on how to install your pavers and tiles.  We are experts in the field. Abacus has installations nationwide. We could find a barn, farm or veterinary facility near you in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Vermont, Maryland, Virginia, Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, Florida, Colorado and California easily. Please ask for a reference near you.  For installation information, please visit Abacus Sports.

Custom Color Rubber Pavers

Custom colors are now available in interlocking “dog bone” pavers. A new process of combining the rubber fiber weaving together creating a chemical and structural bond to hold the 2 layers together. The price is subjective to the color and quantity.

For installation information, please visit Abacus Sports.

Recycled Rubber Pavers Pricing

Our pricing for rubber pavers and tiles is for regular quantities. If you have a large order please call us or ask for a quote. We want a chance to earn your business.

There are 2 different sizes split and regular.  There is one standard color Terracotta Red but the pavers are also available in Green and Black.

Accessories are ramps that are used for AktivPro or POWERStock Pro

Please call our customer service representative to help you with your choices.  1-800-821-4557

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