Product Highlight – the 10x10 POWERStock FLEXfit Home Gym Kit

Product Highlight – the 10x10 POWERStock FLEXfit Home Gym Kit

Sep 21, 2018

Product Highlight – the 10x10 POWERStock FLEXfit Home Gym Kit

Floor and Equipment Protection

Most home gyms are retrofitted into, well, a home! Protecting the carpet, tile, hardwood, vinyl, or other surface underneath your workout space is important.  The POWERStock FLEXfit Home Gym Kit will protect the flooring underneath it from impact.  This includes dropping weights, vertical training, and the equipment you have resting on the mats.  On the opposite end, the POWERStock FLEXfit mats will also protect your weights from repeated impact to a hard surface. This gives them a bit more longevity by reducing wear and tear.

POWERStock FLEXfit Home Gym Flooring product highlight

Surface Traction

What do Carpet, Tile, and Hardwood have in common? They all are floor coverings?  Well, yes, but they also don’t offer much surface traction for athletic training.  No matter your goals or routines, sure footed movements are key to a safe and effective workout. POWERStock FLEXfit rubber offers superior traction to help you work out with confidence. 

Ease of Installation ($$$ Savings $$$)

The POWERStock FLEXfit Home Gym Kits offer a lot to consumers at a pretty compelling price.  Having rubber gym flooring professionally installed in smaller areas can wreak havoc on budgets, costing well up into the thousands.  POWERStock FLEXfit offers you the professional look and performance of gym flooring but are so easily installed anybody can do it.  The simple interlocking tiles snap together like puzzle pieces.  These American made tiles are manufactured with a laser cutting process, creating the perfect fit in between the tiles.  This tight cut helps hide the seams making the floor look like one solid surface.

Ease of Maintenance

Maintaining your POWERStock rubber flooring is easier than run-of-the-mill carpet or hardwood flooring.  Equipment scrapes and rubs can leave black streaks and nasty marks all over your residential flooring.  The POWERStock rubber flooring is resilient to this damage with the ability to keep its performance and aesthetics.  Steam cleaning carpet and refinishing hardwood can get expensive. POWERStock rubber mats will clean up with a simple mixture of neutral detergent and water.  Just mop or wipe the surface every so often to keep it looking good as new.


Protecting the floor and the equipment is important, but the MOST IMPORTANT thing to protect is the user.  POWERStock FLEXfit Home Gym kit not only gives you traction, but it also gives you impact absorption.  This means that as you go about lifting, force you apply to the weights transfers through your body into the floor.  This force can be detrimental to joints and ligaments as you continue to work out. POWERStock absorbs a portion of this impact, prolonging the shelf life of your bodies connective tissue.

Whats it made of?

POWERStock FLEXfit Home Gym kit is made of %100 reground recycled rubber molded with a urethane binder.  The innovations in polymer recycling research has enabled this product to maintain superior density and resilience as it withstands the rigors of exercise.  This means that laying this down in your home gym not only positively impacts your training, but also positively impacts the environment.

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