Product Showcase - Regupol® Rubber Pavers

Product Showcase - Regupol® Rubber Pavers

Dec 13, 2018

The Regupol® Rubber Advantage

BSW has developed, tested, and proven Regupol® rubber products for over 60 years. In terms of quality, there is no equal in the flooring industry. Regupol® Interlocking Rubber Pavers are reliable and long-lasting. They are easy to install, clean, and maintain, and give a professional look to any barn, driveway, or shooting range. 

Advantages of Rubber Pavers

Because of their durability, Regupol® pavers have an incredible amount of advantages to provide customers. Resistant to weather, they are perfect for outdoor driveways and patios, and their interlocking nature gives a brick-like pattern finish that's easy on the eyes.

They are also slip- and shock-resistant, and are very safe for use in breeding barns and wash bays for horses. When used for shooting ranges, the pavers are perfect for protection against ricochets and other projectiles. The shock absorption allows them to absorb up to 7,000 joules of energy from a bullet or other projectile, even at troublesome angles.  Because of their elasticity and sound-absorbent properties, these pavers don't show visible bullet holes and are perfect for ear protection while shooting. 

Regupol® rubber pavers are also decorative and personalize-able. Their colors are customize-able to fit your design needs. Their flexibility in indoor or outdoor usage makes them great for any type of space. 

Abacus Rubber Floor Pavers


Regupol® pavers are made of 100% recycled rubber. BSW does not waste or throw away any rubber while creating these pavers. Abacus Surfaces and its sister company, Abacus Sports Installations, are both LEED© certified by the US Green Building Council and are committed to sustainable building practices. 

Ease of Installation

Regupol® rubber pavers are easy to install. They interlock together to create repeatable patterns on the ground. You can go here to order pavers from Abacus Surfaces. We're able to give you instructions on how to install them and guide you every step of the way. To reach us, call 1-800-821-4557 or email to order your own rubber pavers or for professional advice on whatever project you need. 

Abacus Rubber Floor Pavers

About Abacus Surfaces Inc.

Abacus Surfaces has been providing consumers with resilient flooring products since 1999. Its sister company Abacus Sports has been installing synthetic flooring across the United States for almost 30 years. Together, we are able to provide unmatched experience and expertise in the field of synthetic flooring. 

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