Athletic Turf

Indoor Turf Agility Field

Athletic Turf Applications

Agility/Sport Training


Sport and Agility TrainingWe provide athletic turf that offers the longest lasting fiber available on the market, making it ideal for both indoor and outdoor fields or agility/sport training areas. The increased durability and safety makes this artificial turf the perfect surface to perform functional high intensity exercises. Technological advances in the turf industry have allowed for long lasting products with consistent performance over time. Expand your facility into a multipurpose training area with this virtually maintenance free agility/sport training application. 

Golf and Putting Greens

Golf TurfReinvent your golf course with our top of the line polypropylene putting surface. The golf turf is specifically designed to ensure a smooth natural roll with speeds that resemble a bent grass golf green. You can make your golf course hassle-free by eliminating landscaping work such as mowing, watering, and chemical treatment. Enjoy a beautiful green golf course year round with no more dead grass that may decrease curb appeal. Great for both commercial and residential use! If you would like to install your own mini golf course in your backyard then this is the product for you as well. 

Specialty Sports 

Bocce Ball Specialty Turf Artificial turf is not limited to the typical turf sports such as soccer and football. With our experience in the flooring industry, we can help you find the perfect product for your athletic needs. Synthetic turf has been the popular go to product for bocce ball courts and various other specialty indoor and outdoor sports. Contact us at 800-821-4557 and tell us about your project. 


Soccer Turf FieldAbacus offers premium athletic field turf that has been tested in the toughest condition. This product also features the longest lasing fiber available on the market. Designed for hard cuts and dynamic movements, our soccer field turf will serve your facility well for many years!



Baseball Turf and Practice TurfHere at Abacus we offer top of the line turf for baseball fields. The synthetic turf for baseball fields reacts naturally and has high performance quality to assure the safety of the players. Minimize maintenance with this high quality turf. It is easy to clean and allows for consistent performance over time and use.