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Home Gyms


This version of POWERStock “Home Gyms” Flooring has tiles that interlock with each other to form a solidified workout flooring. Abacus has the ability to customize the interlocking floor tiles to fit your specific workout area. Installation is very easy, just lay and lock! The toughness, resiliency and shock absorption of POWERStock LOK provides your home with a long lasting in home gyms flooring.

This home gyms flooring has a 5 year warranty.  Made for commercial use but designed for the home gyms in ease of installation and use. There is a minimum purchase unless you chose our ship to consumer special packaging home gym kits.

We offer two color series for this product, Skill and Motion. Skill has 10% color, while Motion has 35%. Although they differ in color concentration, both Series carry the same durability and resistance. The ability to customize how much color is present gives the customer more options for their fitness flooring.

POWERStock LOK/ Skill Series – Jet Black
POWERStock LOK/ Skill Series (10%)
POWERStock LOK/ Motion Series (35%)