Home Gyms interlocking tiles

This version of POWERStock “Home Gym” Flooring has tiles that interlock with each other to form a solidified workout flooring. Abacus has the ability to customize the interlocking floor tiles to fit your specific workout area. Installation is very easy – just lay and lock! The toughness, resiliency, and shock absorption of POWERStock LOK provides your home with a long lasting and reliable in-home gym flooring.

This home gym flooring has a 5-year warranty. The product is made for commercial-level use, but designed for home gyms in terms of the easy installation and maintenance. There is a minimum purchase requirement of 50 tiles (or 200 sq. ft.). If you wish to order less than this, check out our specially packaged ship-to-consumer home gym kits, which are available in a variety of smaller areas.

In addition to an all-black surface (Night Black), we offer color options from the Skill series of POWERStock products. Skill series options contain a 10% pop of color mixed within the black base of the tiles. Multiple color choices give the customer more freedom when selecting their fitness flooring.

POWERStock LOK – Skill Series – Night Black
POWERStock LOK – Skill Series (10% color)