Recreational Turf

Recreational Turf

Recreational Turf Applications



Landscaping Turf Application Artificial turf makes for an impeccable hassle-free backyard or any outdoor space for that matter. The landscaping application will allow you to save time and money. No more yard upkeep. Imagine never having to water, mow, fertilize, or pay for pest control services ever again. Synthetic turf is great for both residential and commercial use.

Pet Areas

Pet and Animal TurfWhether you are looking for a place for your dogs to play at your own home or you need a safe area for animals at a doggie daycare, artificial turf can create an ideal environment for your beloved animals. With this surface you will never have any more bare patches of grass due to pet urine. Synthetic turf can be easily cleaned with solutions, a garden hose, or even natural rainfall. Enjoy a beautiful green lawn for many years with very minimal maintenance. 

Playground Turf

Playground TurfPlaygrounds surrounded with artificial turf are some of the safest playgrounds on the planet. Public playgrounds are required to meet safety guidelines regarding falling zones. With this surface you can be sure all of those guidelines will be met. Whether you are looking for surfacing for a public playground or your own playground in your backyard, artificial turf will assure your children's safety while also reducing maintenance.

Rooftop Turf

Rooftop TurfTurn your rooftop into stylish usable space by laying artificial grass with the natural look of royal grass. The turf is highly resistant to all types of weather. In times of heavy rain, this surfaces' advanced draining system deals with excess water efficiently. Artificial turf offers a high performance rooftop application that is ideal for both commercial and residential use. For commercial applications, your rooftop will be turned into commercial space that can be used to generate income.