Hillyard Clean Scrub®

Short Description

This multipurpose, neutral cleaner removes a wide variety of dirt, grime and other soil from any surface not damaged by water. Cleans synthetic gym floors and resilient tile gym floors. Also great for concrete, paver brick, terrazzo, quarry tile, tables, equipment, walls, etc. Excellent wetting, penetrating, soil suspension and emulsification. For use in automatic scrubbers. It can also be applied with a mop, sponge, brush, or pressure washer. Phosphate free and contains biodegradable surfactants.

  • Specially formulated to clean and maintain synthetic floors.
  • Removes rubber burns, scuffs, and dirt.
  • Concentrated for economical use.
  • (4)  -1 gallon containers per case
  • $146.99 per case

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Hillyard Clean Scrub®

Appearance Clear
Dilution Rate 1:256 – 1:42
Color Amber
Flammability 0
Health 1
Reactivity 0
Scent Lemon-Lime
Non Volatile Matter 12.50 – 13.00%
pH @ 25 deg. C 8.90 – 9.30
Additional information
Weight 40 lbs