V-Max Turf - Specialty Colors (5mm Foam)


Short Description

This non-rubber infilled (Foam Back) turf has proven to have high performance throughout intensive wear and resistance tests. Made from 50% nylon and 50% polyethylene, this high performance turf surfacing gives you the natural ball roll of nylon and the softness of the rubber-filled turf. 

 Perfect for training
• High performance quality
• Reacts naturally
• Improved durability and safety
• Helps create multipurpose facilities
• Virtually maintenance free
• Clean and can be cleaned easily
• Consistent performance over time and use


Color Choices: Indy Blue, Navy, Maroon, Purple, Tan, Brown, Clay, Orange

Fabric width: 15  Ft. 

Fabric Length: 25', 50', 100'

Pricing per SQUARE FOOT 

Pile Height: 3/4"

Material: 52% Polyethylene, 48% Nylon

  • High performance 
  • No rubber infill
  • Virtually maintenance free
  • Consistent performance over time
  • Strong enough for sleds 
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