5 Tips for Stall Cleaning

5 Tips for Stall Cleaning

Jan 21, 2018
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5 tips for stall cleaning

5 Tips for Stall Cleaning: Efficiency and Effectiveness

Mucking stalls is not the most glamorous part of the equine environment but it is a necessary one.  The health and performance of your horse depends on your ability to keep them clean, active, and happy.  Here are 5 tips on keeping your stalls clean and non-hazardous for your animal partners.

Tip 1. – The Proper Pitchfork is Essential.

Some would say that bigger is better, but this is not the case when it comes to pitchforks.  You should focus on getting a lightweight fork.  Look for a metal handle over wood handles, they are lighter and less expensive.  If you bed deep the extra basket fork may be beneficial.  If you tend to bed with straw a fork with metal tines is your go to option.

Tip 2. – Wheelbarrow Design and Placement.

Wheelbarrows come in several different styles each with their own benefits and disadvantages.  If you need to do a lot of maneuvering in a short distance, go for a single front wheel to manage the turns.  If you have a longer distance or a heavier load opt for the two front wheel design to help you balance.  Position your wheelbarrow in the direction you want to travel outside the stall to cut down on the work you must put into getting moving.

Tip 3. – Attack it as it Happens.

A proactive stall mucker can make morning stall cleanings a breeze.  Keep a pitchfork and a muck bucket near the stall.  If you see anything happen you can attack the issue right away.  This will severely cut down on the time you have to commit during your once or twice a day stall cleaning.

Tip 4. – The Importance of a Stall Mat.

If you do not have a stall mat yet, get one.  It is incredibly important for the health of your horse, the longevity of your stall, and the safety of everybody interacting in that environment. They save money by reducing the amount of bedding that must be put down.  They reduce the amount of labor that is required to clean the stall.  Stall mats reduce impact on your horses joints and muscles.  That principle is the same for you, the vet, the farrier, and everybody else involved with the horse.

Tip 5. – Get Them Out of There.

Get the horses out of the stall and out in the field!  The horse will appreciate the time outside and you will be free of that 1,500 lb lovable hazard on four legs. This will give you the ability to clean the stall without a wall of animal blocking the proper scoop angles.  This will also cut down on the amount of bedding you replace as they can leave their apples in the field.

These 5 stall cleaning tips will greatly reduce the time and effort put into mucking stalls.  Abacus offers stall mats and rubber pavers to help finish your barn or stall.  Seamless Rubber Floor systems are the next step a barn owner should consider to promote safety, health, and cleanliness.

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