Dangers of Cracked Concrete!

Dangers of Cracked Concrete!

Jan 21, 2018

Do You Know the Dangers of Cracked Concrete?

There have been many instances where people have set up a gym in there garage, basement, or other home area and had concrete crack because of lack of protection. When installing a weight room, it is important to do it the right way. Adding another form of protection to your floor should be a priority when creating a weight lifting area.

Concrete is important for your home because it is the foundation on which it stands. When a foundation cracks it is susceptible to crack more. The money spent on repairs could be saved ahead of time by using the right material underneath your weights. Not putting the right material down under the weights creates a primary cause for the concrete to crack. There needs to be an absorbing barrier between the weights and concrete, so the full effect of the weights dropping isn’t applied to the structural flooring. A good go-to barrier is manufactured rubber. With the right size and thickness, it can save your concrete slab from cracking and causing damage to your home. A recommended size for a rubber foundation would be a 1″ of shock absorbing material. Completing this one simple step could save thousands of dollars in the future.

How to Protect Your Floors

If no protective flooring is applied, and the concrete cracks, it is not easy to fix. On top of hiring someone to come out and fix the damages, your home is now automatically susceptible to more cracks. Even after the concrete is resealed and fixed, it is weaker then it was before. If that repaired area is still used for weight-lifting, with or without protective flooring, the chances of another crack increase. This is why it is important to apply protective flooring before the concrete cracks in order to save time, money, and future structural issues related to your home. The steps that go into patching or resealing concrete are listed in the link below. All of which can be avoided by using a rubber flooring, meant for the dropping of heavy weights.

Steps to Fixing Cracked Concrete:

POWERStock Flooring

POWERStock Fitness Flooring

Abacus Surfaces recently created a product, specifically for home-gym flooring. POWERStock Flooring is commercial grade rubber flooring used in franchised gyms around the United States. Until the past two months, there was no way to purchase a small amount of this product. Abacus Surfaces realized the need for in-home flooring for gyms, and created POWERStock Rubber Flooring. This dense, resilient rubber surface allows for a comfortable workout by absorbing the shock from the training impact. On top of being comfortable, POWERStock flooring has the ability to be customized by color and measurements. With pre-cut gym kits available in four different sizes, POWERStock can offer great protection at an even better price. Prevent cracked concrete and create a phenomenal in-home workout area, starting at the bottom with POWERStock! For more information on our POWERStock Rubber Flooring, click the link below!

POWERStock Rubber Flooring:

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