Exercise Flooring

Exercise Flooring

fitness flooring

POWERStock, Regupol, and Humane Products

Abacus Surfaces is a company that specializes in the fitness rubber flooring industry. The products we carry are all made with top grade material, and are manufactured within the United States. Our selection of rubber flooring stems from three main products, which are POWERStock, Regupol, and Humane. Each product varies in thickness, color, and how it’s manufactured. These qualities give the flooring the ability to be used for different activities including weightlifting and rehabilitation exercises.  All three product types are used as commercial grade flooring throughout the world. Abacus Surfaces wants to give the everyday customer the option to purchase a commercial grade flooring, in a residential size.

POWERStock & Regupol are made from 100% recycled rubber in the USA.

POWERStock Workout Flooring:

POWERStockPRO Tiles™ The Impact tile is nearly indestructible, perfect for the toughest and heavy duty areas. These tiles provide additional protection against possible indentations or damage caused from abusive dropping of dumbbells. Impact Tiles are slip resistant, and they can either be loose laid or adhered to the surface. Impact Tiles are available in several thickness and colors.

POWERStockLOK Tiles This version of POWERStock Home Gym Flooring has tiles that interlock with each other to form a solidified workout flooring. Abacus has the ability to customize the interlocking floor tiles to fit your specific workout area. Installation is very easy, just lay and lock! The toughness, resiliency and shock absorption of POWERStockLOK provides your home with a long lasting in-home flooring.

POWERStock Roll POWERStock Roll has the same qualities as POWERStockLOK except for the fact that it is not a set of tiles. POWERStock Roll is essentially a large roll of rubber that can be cut to specific lengths. The ability to customize color, and measurements are available as well. POWERStock Roll is made in America with 100% post-consumer tire & post-industrial rubber.

*Logos can be water cut into all types of rubber flooring and is a great accent to your room design. 

VulcanFIT Workout Flooring:

VulcanFIT™ This re-vulcanized rubber fitness mat alleviate the problem of noise and vibration in a fitness room. The system of mats utilizes a special design which significantly reduces the amount of vibration and noise that is transferred from the fitness equipment to the floor. This is a great addition to any facility and can be used even on existing floor systems to reduce noise and vibration.

Home Gym Flooring Kits

POWERStock gym kits interlock with a fit so precise, its seams are virtually invisible.  These interlocking rubber floor systems go well beyond “fitness for purpose” in the selected area, the spinning room, the “iron den” – every space in YOUR HOME.